MINDS 2017

MINDS 2017, the convention for mentalists is organised by Michael Murray of MindFX.  It was held in Newcastle over the first weekend of July. This weekend has proved to be one of the most fun, inspiring and amazing weekends ever!  My weekend of learning began with a workshop on performing and telling a good story whilst performing strong mental magic.  This was taught by the highly sought after and respected Mark Elsdon. This was followed by a lecture on giving tarot readings taught by Ian Rowland which unfortunately I was unable to attend.  The Friday evening was brilliantly entertaining with a show of wonder and mystery called “The Devil Without” by the accomplished and marvellously esoteric performer Ian Harvey Stone.  The show was really fascinating as powerfully blended theatre with mentalism, hypnosis and suggestion.  This was followed by a show with Ben Cardell and Anthony Jaquin which was full of comedy, drama and hypnosis, a real treat of an evening!

Evening show with Anthony Jaquin, Master of Hypnosis

The next day was full on with lectures from Ian Harvey Stone, Anthony Jaquin and Thomas Heine.  It was a packed day of learning, socialising and bonding!! Then in the evening it was back to the bar for the open mic night which I helped to organise.  There we were treated to performances from John Archer, Mick Wilson, Stephen Young, Manos Kartsakis, Martin Pearce, Rene Klein, Dan Ives, Francis Girola, Mark Chandaue, Daniel Dorian Johnson, Steve Wood, Stephen E Young, Gilan Gork, Michael Murray, Pete Turner and myself.  It was a great evening and everyone who performed was a star!

The Sunday was full on with really good interesting lectures from Stephen Eric Young, Jan Forster, Karl Scott and Daniel Dorian Johnson.  Ian Rasp Cheetham deservedly won a special award and it grew emotional as the day drew to a close with standing ovations for Ian Rasp Cheetham and Michael Murray.  All in all it is one of the best conventions this country has to offer and I cannot wait to go back next year!