TV Magic

Back in March I was approached by Outline productions to take part in filming a documentary on Gender for BBC 2 called “No more Boys and Girls: Can our kids go gender free?”

Filming took place at Lanesend Primary School in Cowes and the documentary is presented by Dr Javid Abelmoneim. The documentary bravely tackles the issues of gender conditioning in schools and perhaps this is the real reason why true equality still does not exist between men and women. My role as magician was to challenge the children’s preconceptions about who a magician is…Most children defined a magician as a profession executed by a male, only one or two  said women could be a magician.  Performing alongside me was a male ballet dancer, a female mechanic, and a male make up artist.   I performed close up magic to the children and then they had a go at learning there own tricks to take away and perform themselves.   It was a really great day of filming and hopefully will smash a few preconceieved gender stereoptypes.

End of a days filming in Cowes for BBC2 Documentary No more Boys and Girls